Fluoride in Drinking Water = Forced Mass Poisoning

The amount of data on scientific studies showing the direct, toxic effects of fluoride on our body can light up even a dud bulb. Yet, fluoride is still added to 70 percent of U.S. public drinking water supplies. It is the only drug which is forced as mass medication of the population with not control of dosing.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and the Safe Water Foundation reported that 30,000 to 50,000 excess deaths occur in the United States each year in areas in which the water contains only one ppm fluoride.
The two most common types of fluoride in drinking water are sodium silicofluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid, which are waste products from wet scrubbing systems of the fertilizer industry and are classified as hazardous wastes.  50% of the digested fluoride is deposited in the bones of children and 10% in adults.

Journal of the American Dental Association:
Drinking water containing as little as 1.2 ppm fluoride will cause developmental disturbances. We cannot run the risk of producing such serious systemic disturbances. The potentialities for harm outweigh those for good.

More than 23+ and 100+ studies have linked fluoride to brain damage in humans and animals respectively. Fluoride is a developmental neurotoxicant that affects brain development at exposures much below those that can cause toxicity in adults. Fluoride increases manganese absorption; manganese in drinking water has also been linked to lower IQ in children.

Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, a biochemist and a well known medical author documents immunosuppressive effects of as little as 10 percent of the amount of fluoride used in fluoridated water. Fluoride inhibits the movement of white blood cells by 70 percent, thereby decreasing their ability to reach their target. Immunosuppressive effects run the gamut, from a cold that won't go away to increased risk of cancer and other infectious diseases. The cumulative effect of tissue damage by fluoride, commonly seen as aging (collagen damage), skin rashes and acne, gastrointestinal disorders, and many other conditions, including osteoporosis.

Health problems include:
• Increased lead absorption
• Disrupts synthesis of collagen
• Lowered thyroid function
• Bone cancer (osteosarcoma)
• Inactivates 62 enzymes and inhibits more than 100
• Inhibited formation of antibodies
• Genetic damage and cell death
• Increased tumor and cancer rate
• Disrupted immune system;
• Damaged sperm and increased infertility

Effects on brain include:
• Reduction in nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
• Damage to your hippocampus
• Formation of beta-amyloid plaques (the classic brain abnormality in Alzheimer's disease)
• Reduction in lipid content
• Damage to purkinje cells
• Exacerbation of lesions induced by iodine deficiency
• Impaired antioxidant defense systems
• Increased uptake of aluminum
• Accumulation of fluoride in your pineal gland

Additional Info: Over 95% of the toothpaste sold in the U.S. contains fluoride.

Check if your country runs fluoride in your tap water: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluoridation_by_country