Forget Sports Drinks; Tomato Juice Best for Workouts

If you are one of those workout enthusiasts who love to lift it, press it, curl it, pull it & push that extra mile in it, then this post workout information is pivotal.

In strenuous exercise you’re not just losing fluids or sweating out electrolytes like sodium and potassium but your body is also taking a massive hit of free radicals.

After the exercise session, 8-oxodG, a biomarker for oxidative damage increases in the blood. This occurs as a result of chemical reactions in the body which release harmful oxygen-rich molecules that attack tissue and cause permanent damage - and is implicated as a cause of many illnesses.

Most of us will pay a few bucks to reach for an isotonic sports drink for quick recovery, however, according to a latest study; tomato juice provides the fastest recovery from oxidative damage, harmful levels of enzymes and proteins which contribute to muscle and brain damage post extensive workouts. It instant works on all fronts; re-hydrating, repairing cells, and quenching damaging radicals, boosting mind and body in just a few minutes. The physiological changes are almost instantaneous.

The study was published in journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, led by researchers at the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece. Experts conducted tests on 15 athletes over a period of two months, looking at vital signs before, during and after exercise.

Tomatoes have abundant Lycopene which is known for many health benefits as it provides cancer fighting agent and powerful antioxidants. Other health benefits include:
  • ·         Heart diseases-Lycopene stops LDL cholesterol from being oxidized by free radicals and in turn cannot be deposited in the plaques which narrows and hardens the arteries
  • ·         Infertility-Research suggests that lycopene may help in the treatment of infertility. Results from tests showed that lycopene can boost sperm concentration in men
  • ·         Helps prevent diabetes
  • ·         Prevents age-related macular degeneration and cataracts
  • ·         Prevents the aging of skin and keeps it younger looking
  • ·         Acts as an internal sunscreen and protects your skin from sunburn
  • ·         Lycopene is also been known to help prevent osteoporosis

Try it with a stick of celery and some nutmeg or some Tabasco and black pepper for an energising kick.