Smoking makes you stupid then Kills You

Cigarette smoking is the most additive habit period. Out of whatever reason - pleasure, habit or a hobbit J, smokers light up a cigarette to catch a little bit of stimulation or relaxation. In US today cigarette smoking causes one-thirds of all cancer fatalities and one fourth of all fatal heart attacks PLUS MANY MANY MORE DEADLY ILLNESSES. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) smoking kills 6 million people every year around the world, and more than half a million non-smokers get affected from second hand smoke. What is also understood in psychological aspect is that in majority of the cases, tobacco habit in a younger age leads up to different types of negative life addictions.

Cigarette Smoking Makes you Stupid
A study conducted by researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel and published in the journal Addiction confirms that Smoking is directly correlated with a lower IQ.
Researchers tested the IQs of more than 20,000 healthy men between the ages of 18 and 21 who were either serving in the Israeli military or who had recently completed their service. Twenty-eight percent of the men in the sample smoked, while 3 percent were former smokers and 68 percent had never smoked.
The average IQ of the smokers was 94, compared with 101 among the non-smokers. Men who smoked more than a pack of cigarettes a day had an average IQ of 90. Although a normal IQ falls between 84 and 116, the difference observed in the study is still considered significant.
That goes to show in another survey where quitting resolutions for 2013 in the US were 34 percent of smoking population, as compared with 18 percent in 2012 but with majority FAILED attempts every year.
Despite all the anti-smoking campaigns, cigarette taxes, novel smoking alternatives, and even smoking bans in some areas, millions of people still smoke cigarettes. What’s funny - a vast majority of the $246 billion rolling settlement awarded to all 50 U.S. states as part of the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement is apparently being spent on things other than the anti-smoking programs and campaigns for which the money was intended, according to a new report.
Instead - What if the Govt. Bans industrial manufacturing of cigarettes? Nooooo BIG Profits! Well If not, what if all cigarette manufacturers today had no choice but to eliminate all of the chemicals from cigarettes? (Before tobacco was polluted with somewhere between 1,000 and 4,000 chemicals, it was not such harmful or dependent) Would that lead to enhanced ability to stop smoking without help? Would the number of cancer cases, public expenditure, drug abuse etc. decline immensely?

Smoking addiction is more "psychological" and less "physical ", so the cure can not only be a proportionate understanding of both. Therefore, before we say quits, it is essential to understand all its aspects correctly leaving no stone unturned. Overcoming the addictions can be an overwhelming prospect, however, in the case of smoking it can be done naturally without substituting other harmful gums or whatnot that can further jeopardize one's health.

Smoking addiction can be divided into two components. Without understanding these two, it is not possible to Quit. Here's the Mantra

All psychological addictions produce a mental high, which naturally also generates physical up’s, and for every up - there is a compensatory low if you do not sustain that up building up a dependency. If not understood well and repeated, it leads to deeper compulsion to the habit.

Physical Dependency (This is the easy part)
  • Eliminating that regular fix of nicotine will cause your body to experience physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings. You may also experience headaches, trouble sleeping, and difficulty in concentrating. However, things start to change in 1 or 2 months. Be prepared for that and consult a doctor.
  • Don't blame your symptoms on where you're going but on where you've been. See each symptom as a true sign of healing it reflects.
Psychological Dependency (Hard Knock)
  • ·         When friends, family, and co-workers smoke around you, it is more difficult to avoid it even if you did not require it.
  • ·         People doing drugs and alcohol get CIGGI-JONES.  
  • ·         Many people have a habit of smoking after meals and drinks (like, coffee, tea, soda etc.)
  • ·         Some need it as soon as they wake up
  • ·         Some even to take a dump.
  • ·         Some do it to pass time in work breaks.
  • ·         Aid for Mood Swings - When you have a bad day, Unpleasant feelings such as stress, depression, loneliness, fear, and anxiety etc.

  • ·        Cold Turkey Approach – 91% Success Rate (Will Power Rules) – No Such Things As Just One Puff or A Magic Chiclet
  • ·         Avoid Invigorating Environment
  • ·         One Day At A Time Philosophy - Forget about quitting "forever."
  • ·         Join A Support Group (IF YOU HAVE TO)

  • ·         You will feel healthier and have more energy, whiter teeth, and fresher breath.
  • ·         You will lower your risk disease and aging.
  • ·         You will have a healthier baby (If you or your partner is pregnant).
  • ·         You will have more money to spend.

Smoking makes you lose weight. As nicotine is an alkaloid and the important digestion acids are suppressed and you feel less hungry but the effect is temporary and leads to lack of essential nutrients and bodily processes which are extremely harmful.

·         ·         "Loading up on fruits and vegetables even before quitting might help cigarettes seem less appealing," says F. Joseph McClernon, Ph.D., director of Duke's Health Behavior Neuroscience Department.

Don't play games with yourself. Once in the heat of battle, it is normal for your mind to quickly forget many of the reasons that made you smoking.