Reverse Climate Change & Environmental Degradation - The Only Chance for Humanity

Livestock overgrazing has been widely perceived as the primary culprit to soil erosion around the world, and that reversing this erosion by decreasing livestock numbers (although not providing 'ANY' satisfactory results) has been widely accepted. Then again - We once thought that the earth was flat.

Savory Institute President and founder Allan Savory’s presentation "How to Green the Desert and Reverse Climate Change" at TED 2013 global conference may be one of the most important developments of our time helping us understand that true sustainable solutions, unconcerned with time or technological perceptions are found by looking at whole systems, "holistically", being focused on the restoration of natural balances.

As it turns out "increasing" the number of freely grazing livestock in arid lands as opposed to what is common believed could be the ONLY chance humanity has got to help reverse the negative effects of deforestation, climate change (CO2 emissions) and environmental degradation resulting from industrialization  “Holistic grazing” keeps more plants alive, adds nutrients to the soil, and creates soil conditions that hold and use water instead of letting it evaporate or run off preserving complex grassland ecosystems to sustain livestock, agriculture, and "life".

Do this on all the available arid land in the world and overtime you can make a major impact on the complete echo system of the planet enabling it to correct the damages done by human ingenuity. This truly has the implication in converting famine, conflict and scarcity into abundance.