Hugs Are Good For Health

Many people in this world are concerned about their mental and physical health and indulge in several activities to improve their daily lives such as exercising, in taking a good diet and even supplements. But there is one easy healing therapy that is often disregarded even though it has been proved by scientific studies to be an effectual method to maintain heart and mental health. This is the power of a hug.

Normally, people hug each other to express affection, to reassure and to demonstrate happiness. However latest research findings have indicated health benefits associated with hugs. A hug has the strength to make one feel good, by relieving pain, depression and anxiety. It produces positive physiological reactions between people who hug each other. A hug given to a sick person increases the desire to live among the sick.

Benefits of hugging are countless. It results in developing of trust and ensuring safety. Irrespective of age or position in life, everyone needs to feel safe and if someone does not act incompetently, relationships become sour. Hug is a way to evaluate oneself. When someone honestly gives or receives a hug, it signifies to the persons that they are important enough for other person.

Hugging is a tremendously encouraging form of communication. Besides, expressing the values of love, consent, appreciation, forgiveness and being a form of emotional contentment, it also has some amazing health benefits. In reality, studies illustrate that people who are hugged regularly by their friends and family have reduced heart rates, lower blood pressure, augmented nerve activity and more cheerful moods. A survey conducted on successful marriages revealed that embracing and touching were the major factors in the success of long-lasting relationship.

A current Canadian study also showed that a warm hug is more helpful in bringing out constructive emotions and enriching frame mind as compared to visiting the church regularly. Another study revealed that people who are hugged frequently are twice as likely to express their mental health as first class.

In addition, researchers say that an affectionate hug in the morning can keep one cheerful all through the day. A short hug or handholding for 10 minutes with a loving partner significantly lowers the detrimental physical effects of stress. Psychologist Karen Grewen with the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in his study said that warm, loving contact prior to a rough day at work, could carry over and protect a person throughout the day.

Health Benefits of Hug

Hugging is not merely a constructive form of communication, it also has many health benefits associated with it. And all the more hugging can prevent serious diseases such as heart disease and depression.

Reduces the risk of heart diseases - Elevated blood pressure is one of the chief risk factors associated with heart disease. Studies reveal that hugging can assist in lowering blood pressure and thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases. It is probably the most important benefit of all the benefits, for those who have weak heart condition or high blood pressure.

Relieves stress - Several studies reveal that hugs can increase the level of hormone called oxytocin, a hormone responsible for triggering intimate responses, thereby making a person happier. Oxytocin can make a person much serene and decrease anxiety. Besides this, a study published by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health exposed the fact that the baby who by birth receives affection in form of a touch including hugs, kisses, caresses by their parents grows into an easily stressed out person.

Increases hemoglobin - Studies reveal that the touch of a beloved increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body, including the heart and brain. Thus, increased supply of hemoglobin in the blood is likely to speed up the healing process after illness and promoting fast recovery.

Reduces the risk of depression - Hugging your beloved, as much as four times a day, can lower the risk of depression. According to a scientific truth, hugging eight times a day offer a more strong mental stability and hugging twelve times a day help in the psychological development of a person. Other known benefits of hugs are reduced stress, healthy sleep patterns, and improved immune system functions.

Promote healthy relationships - Hugging releases the hormones serotonin and dopamine, hormones responsible for making one feel good and up-spiriting the mood. Consequently one feels closer to the person and there is harmony in the relationship. Strong and healthy relationship affects the overall health of people in relationship in a positive way.

Eases pain - A research conducted at the University of California proves the strength of touch of a loving partner. Group of 25 women were used as participants to study and were given a kind of heat that made them feel pain. After that all of them were told to hold a small ball, hand of foreign men and then their partner's hand. Astonishingly, it was found that pain was felt much less when they were holding their partner's hand as compared to when they were holding a small ball or a stranger's hand.