Stop Self-Criticism

Self-criticism is negative self judgment on how one should be in view to the world around us. Yes, self-improvement & living in view with the world is positive but being too critical about anything is always negative. Self-criticism leads to anxiety which has motivational properties and is not always bad, however those who are most self-critical are most likely to be depressed and have difficulties in relationships. In some people self-criticism can be so deeply embedded in their core belief structure, that they don’t even realize they are constantly operating under negative and destructive thoughts and feelings. Therefore, understanding how to deal with this issue is most essential in acquiring positive mental health.

Consider the following thoughts when under a Self-Criticism attack

Stop judging the world and do not examine others under a critical scope lens. Truly treat them like you would like yourself to be treated and by the virtue of which, you will treat yourself like you treat others. Trust in your subconscious rather than your active conscious which will keep you from taken advantage of by anyone.

Don't let yourself to be let down by your mistakes as by far, the world itself is not perfect and most of the times - just like you - the more it tries to find its shortcomings, the more problems it creates for itself.

Have integrity in practicing self-discipline towards positive affairs and in neglecting negative thoughts by challenging them with your positive accomplishments.

Do not set your goals out of your reach. A sure way to make things happen is to work step by step and by telling yourself that things will happen rather than asking yourself how.

Be natural to the greatest extent understanding your true needs to lead a good meaningful life rather than a haphazard want everything life and by doing so you would not be too materialistic and will keep a bit of distance from the 'self' also. Consider perseverance and patience as virtues which pay over time.

It is of great importance to understand that our true beauty is best manifested when we act naturally as our abilities are best attuned when we are positive and not so critical. The same is its impact on our mental and physical health.

Lastly, if indeed there is an area of improvement, your goal should be to tackle it  as a technician, rather than putting yourself down.

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