Low-Carb Paleolithic Diet Explained

The Paleo Diet is selected on the basis of foods that had been eaten by our ancestors (hunters & gatherers) for thousands of years. It is the diet which we had been consuming before the advent of agriculture based surplus of grains and what we may have been genetically engineered for optimal health as human species. The paleo diet is considered to have played a great role in human development and is considered prime as early human beings did not suffer from most modern diseases.

Dr. Loren Cordain is known as the founder of the Paleolithic diet who is working as a professor of exercise physiology and is known to be an expert in the Paleolithic diet. According to him five studies, four since 2007, have experimentally tested contemporary versions of ancestral human diets and have found them to be superior to Mediterranean diets, diabetic diets and typical western diets in regards to weight loss, cardiovascular disease risk factors and risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

This type of diet is not introduced by any nutritionist, dietician, agribusiness or corporations but is on the bases of only what nature had been providing throughout the large chuck of human existence. Human agricultural history on the other hand, comprises a small duration comparatively. Early humans did not eat too much cereal grains because they believed that they are difficult to digest by human body without grinding and cooking. Grinding stones appeared about ten to fifteen thousand years ago and it was made to grind the natural wheat that was grown by the early man. The nutritional needs of the man have not changed but man has changed his food. With the advent of agriculture, man has changed his diet and it has led to increase death rate, reduced life span, enhanced number of infectious disease, increased number of bone diseases, weakness, fatigue, anemia, and other mineral defects. 

Paleolithic diet is mainly derived from animal foods.  This is found from the evidence that early man was hunter gatherers. They were herders and lead a nomadic life. They moved from place to place in search of finding pastures for their animals. The paleo diet includes natural foods that we obtain from nature and includes fish, seafood, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, roots, nuts, herbs and spices with the exception of grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. It is chiefly protein, fats and plants based diet, with only small amounts of carbohydrates. This is not in conjunction with the modern diet which is recommended by the nutritionists. The modern diet includes high carbohydrates, low to moderate amount of proteins and low in fats. In westernized and developed countries people are dependent upon the high carbohydrate diet.

Bad Effects of High Carbohydrate Diet
The whole grain cereals are rich in phytate content and this substance is responsible to create imbalance in the metabolism of various minerals. This compound also interacts negatively with our immune system and gastro-intestinal organs thus creating gastric problems. The whole grain cereals are also rich in lectin that opens the spaces between the intestinal junctions thus allowing the bigger molecules to pass through it. Your body starts attacking these larger molecules and this creates an imbalance in the absorption of nutrients.

Another disadvantage of eating high carbohydrate diet is that it does not provide sufficient amount of antioxidants like vitamin C and other micro-nutrients to the body such as beta carotene. These foods are deficient in essential fatty acids and contain more amount of omega 6 which is not good for our health. Studies show that when animal models were given high whole grain cereal diet it resulted in stunted growth and improper development of sexual organs. This is initiated due to deficiency of zinc produced by high carbohydrate diet.

People who consume high carbohydrate diet also suffer from vitamin D deficiency that causes bone problems in children as well as in adults. Some researchers say that cereal grain diet may interrupt with the circulation of Vitamin D and also inactivates the action of Vitamin D in the body. Whole grain cereals such as rye, barley, and oats are not good for people who suffer from celiac disease. People who depend upon wheat may suffer from autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, asthma, allergies, etc. Thus, whole grain cereals are not good because the nutrients available in them are low and they have high anti-nutrient content.

Health Benefits of Low-Carb Paleolithic Diet
People feel that eating plant based diet which has low fat content and high carbohydrates will help them maintain healthy weight. It is true that you have to eat low calorie diet to lose weight but people who follow this diet pattern do not get good results as they experience more food cravings after eating a high carbohydrate diet. On the other hand, paleolithic diet that includes vegetables, fruits, proteins and moderate amount of fat is good for losing weight. High proteins in your diet will produce more heat and that helps to burn more calories and gives you satisfaction so you do not feel hungry after eating a complete diet.

The Paleolithic diet has a low glycemic index which means that it does not cause high blood sugar level. It helps to maintain normal levels of sugar in your blood. This prevents many other diseases that are associated high insulin secretion and blood glucose levels. Other diseases associated with high insulin and blood glucose level includes hypertension of high blood pressure, gout, high blood cholesterol level.

Paleo diet is also beneficial in preventing cancer and reverses back the signs and symptoms. It increases the chances of recovery for cancer patients. Cancer cells increase in number and size as they depend on glucose. When glucose level increases in your blood, growth of cancer cells also increases. When insulin level is high it leads to growth of cancer. Research evidence suggests that when insulin levels are raised there is growth of tumour in the body. When there is high level of glucose in the blood there are more chances of inflammation. When inflammation is present in different parts of the body it promotes growth of cancerous cells. When a person with cancer start eating high protein diet, his fighting power increases as high protein diet lowers the insulin level of the blood and also the blood glucose level. Cancerous cells fail to get nutrition in the form of glucose and they start reducing in size and number. Paleo diet also helps to prevent inflammation by boosting up the immune system.

Paleolithic diet makes the medium of your body slightly alkaline that helps to restore the acid base imbalance and prevent diseases such as asthma, loss of sleep, osteoporosis, kidney stones, stones, and ringing in the ears. The high omega 3 content of paleo diet will help to improve the inflammatory diseases. Paleo diet helps to improve bone health. After digestion and assimilation waste products are eliminated through the kidneys. When your diet creates acidic effect you will need to put alkaline food to neutralize its effect. High carb diet basically produces acidic effect and to neutralize the acid effect the calcium from the bones start neutralizing it and gets eliminated from your body. Foods that are rich in producing the acidic effect include fatty meats, cereal grains, and processed foods. If you replace these foods with fruits and vegetables you can regain the acid base balance and calcium depletion may be stopped. Thus, paleo diet prevents osteoporosis and maintains healthy bones.

Some people believe that paleo diet which is rich in animal foods may raise cholesterol level and cause heart diseases. Recent studies have been done and it is proved that high protein diet helps in controlling blood cholesterol level as compare to the modern diet eaten by man. Paleo diet also helps to reduce the homocysteine levels of blood which is another factor for causing heat problems. The fibre content of fruits and vegetables is healthy for your heart. This fiber helps to reduce the cholesterol level in blood because it is easily soluble and digestible whereas the fiber present in whole grains is insoluble.

Athletes can increase their energy and power by eating paleo diet. It has been stated by Dr. Loren Cordain that athletes who follow a paleo diet can increase endurance and muscular strength easily and quickly. They can increase their performance by eating paleo diet. It is proved to be an excellent alternative to the diet recommended in most gyms for reducing weight and remaining fit and healthy.

Paleo diet is also good for curing acne and other skin problems. Diet plays an important role in the treatment of acne. According to Dr. Loren Cordain there are four main causes of acne and all the four causes mentioned by him can be easily targeted by eating paleo diet. By treating the immediate cause you can feel great relief from acne and can prevent recurrent attacks of acne and associated symptoms. Paleo diet is rich in all minerals and vitamins that are necessary for healthy skin. It offers all types of food that are required to maintain glowing skin.