Ginseng for Diabetes & Much More

Ginseng is one of the eleven species of slow growing perennial plants with fleshy roots and belongs to the Panax family of the Araliaceae. The word ginseng comes from the Chinese term Ren meaning “man” and shen meaning a kind of her. The plant is fork like and looks like the shape of a man.

According to David Kiefer, M.D. and Traci Pantuso, B.S. at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson and published in 2003 by the American Academy of Family Physicians, ginsenosides from Panax Ginseng “. . . have been shown to have a variety of beneficial effects, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer effects. Results of clinical research studies showed that Panax ginseng may improve psychological function, immune function, and conditions associated with diabetes.”

Ginseng contains many complex saponins, referred to as ginsenosides and panaxosides.  Ginsenosides have been extensively studied and found to have numerous complex actions. This herb has been used for many years to improve overall health of the people. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of Ginseng that it can have for you:

Weight loss
Many people do not know that ginseng can also help for weight loss. It helps to boost energy and reduces fatigue. One of the best thing that ginseng does in weight loss battle is that it helps in regulating blood sugar. It performs this function by reducing the amount of carbohydrate which gets converted to fat.

Ginseng is a natural herb used for the treatment of diabetes type 2. Several studies have shown that ginseng can lower blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes. It helped in lowering blood glucose levels to a considerable level. One study found that people with type II diabetes, who took American ginseng before or together with a high sugar drink, experienced less of an increase in blood sugar levels.

Hair growth
Many research studies are being conducted to find benefits of ginseng for hair growth. In Osaka, Japan a study was done which suggested that ginseng help fight androgenic alopecia, which is commonly called balding in men.

It is believed that ginseng tea helps in rehydrating and refining of the skin. It also helps in the regeneration of skin cells by increasing oxygen supply to skin cells. It helps in detoxification of blood and increases blood circulation that helps in maintaining healthy skin.

Women’s health
Ginseng is an important herb for the treatment of women’s health problems such as PMS, menstruation difficulties and other health problems related to reproductive organs.

Ginseng helps in producing more estrogens and enhance libido in women. It helps to prevent mood disorders that may arise due to hormonal imbalance in women.

Cancer protection
In some studies it is proved that ginseng helps to inhibit the growth of tumour cells. In one laboratory study on colorectal cancer cells, researchers found that ginseng possess powerful anti-cancer properties.

Improves Sexual Health in Men
Another important health benefit of ginseng is that it helps in improving sexual health in men. A study was done in Korea which evaluated the benefits of ginseng for men in regards to erectile dysfunction and proved that men who took ginseng were able to achieve erection with greater ease as compared to men who did not take.

Mental Health
Russian research shows that ginseng helps to stimulate mental and physical activities in weak individuals. People who remain under prolonged strain can achieve benefit after taking ginseng. Russian team of the scientists found to increase energy and physical strength after taking ginseng.

Athletes may use ginseng to improve stamina and endurance. Regular intake of ginseng helps in enhancing muscular strength and builds up stamina to perform heavy exercises. Quality research teams in China, Korea and Japan found that it helps in the formation of red blood cells and helps in preventing anaemia. It also helps in reducing stress levels and increase energy by increasing the blood supply and oxygen supply to different parts of the brain.

Ginseng root helps to strengthen the gastrointestinal system and helps in regeneration of liver cells. It helps in detoxification of the liver and balance hormone levels. Further reputable studies in Japan and the United States have shown that ginseng stimulates every conceivable aspect of protein and nucleic acid metabolism and also facilitate cells to fight against anaerobic oxidation.